His hiding place had been discovered. What on earth was he going to do now? Each second that he let pass restricts his options. He knows the area that is his only hope of escape. Taking a deep breath he rolls from where he hoped he could stay for the night. Putting every ounce of energy he has left into each stride he takes he hear them start after him. He turns down an alley that has a tall fence. He’s climbed this fence countless times before but never this quickly. He barely even registers scaling the obstacle. That will buy him some time. Gathering himself from the fall he see’s them turn down the alley he is back to full stride in three steps. Less than a block from his grandmother’s house, it’s not safe there. Just a moment of clarity would give him the plan he needs. Moving on instinct alone. Then it hits him. Lunging down the stairs, Jumping the turnstiles, diving onto the first train he saw. The doors close just as he see’s them. He won. He got away. The train rumbles away and only at that point can he hear his mothers voice call out yelling that she loves him. Just before they disappear from his view he can see tears on his fathers face. He has never seen his dad cry before. His cries fill the entire train car, only now does he realize what he has done.



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