As he fell, he waited for anything to grasp. No life flashing before his eyes, just pure panic. Dying is not romantic. Dying is not even something you do consciously it is always a consequence for other things within your life A smoker will die because of the lung cancer their choice will provide them, Someone who is severely overweight will cut their life span down as a result of their choice. For this man, adrenaline is his vice.   Car accidents, multiple hospitalizations, and severe injuries did not deter him he persisted and now it will end his life. Free climbing a rock he had never even seen before, alone. One rock crumbled and his life is gone. Weeks before they can find him. No one knew where he was. His father fights the tears, for his mother. His mother lets the tears flow, for his father. They bury their oldest child. At the funeral, their youngest speaks up.  My brother has died. Everyone dies. My brother had lived. Not everyone lives. I wish he was here today. I wish he was safer. I wish I’ll wake up yelling and he will come sprinting from the room next door to help. He’s not. He wasn’t. I won’t.


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