The one lesson that I have learned the best in my first few days here in new york is that people in this city HUSTLE morning noon and night. If you want to see the newest films in theaters just hang out in a bodega for 20 minutes and someone will be by with a less than kosher version for a few dollars. One person who made this lesson sink in very clearly was a gentleman named Byron who was standing outside of a deli I was going to get dinner at with my roommates on our way in he held the door open for the three of us and as I thanked him for doing so he asked for any loose change on our way out, considering the deli was packed to the gills with people I decided to wait out the line in in the front of the restaurant and soak up some more of New York and I figured that Byron would probably be a pretty good person to ask for advice about the neighborhood and New York in general. As I do with everyone I ask for advice I approached in an extremely overly polite way “excuse me Sir/Maam” is my typical opening line when asking for help or advice. Byron was more than happy to help me get the lay of the land in the neighborhood and give a few gems of advice for keeping my head above water in the city. One thing that made me very sad to hear was that Byron was a veteran of the Vietnam war. While I do not want to be callous to a broad spectrum of people who are on the street  for me seeing someone who while they may not be able to keep a typical job for one reason or another (I did not ask how Byron ended up on the streets, that is none of my business) he can stand and hold this door for people and respectfully ask for spare change shows me that, that person is willing to hustle to improve his situation and when that fact is combined with the fact that this person put his life on the line in one of the only wars in America where the populous not only did not support the war but also did not support the soldiers returning from that war I believe that he has shown a willingness to HUSTLE. As the person, I aspire to be most like in my life Gary Vaynerchuck says one of the only things you can control in this life is how hard you work. There are a lot of people who were born on third base and they think they hit a triple and look at the person in the batters box trying to find a way to just get to first base and think they have accomplished more than them. In my attempt to improve myself I have begun to look towards others and acknowledge that no matter where they are in life they have something that I can try to improve in myself by taking their advice by action. Thank you, Byron, I look forward to the next time I see you.


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