A word for My mentor

With the fact that I am moving across the country I have been reaching out to the first mentor I have found in my life. The thing is even though I have been feeling for a while that while it’s time for me to “separate” from him. He has shown me what I needed to see for the time being and now its time for me to head out and conquer on my own. More than anything for me it is that we are both creators I constantly see him working with people and I would get upset because that made me feel like I was being left out until I sat back and thought about the shit he has made happen for me and my family and realized it’s not that he is leaving me out instead it really is just that our creative processes seem to be antithetical to each other, He will sit in a quiet room for twelve hours  and look up once or twice from his work whereas I tend to work through a situation verbally go back in and refine it once I have already seen the end. We both have creative processes that work for us and we are able to work together but that forces both of us to come out of the space where we are most comfortable causing him to lose his train of thought when I bounce my ideas off him and me to stagnate in the time where we determine that we will be silent.

I’ll never forget

Long nights in the shop

I’ll never forget

All you said was We’ll figure something out

I’ll never forget

sleeping under the marimba


sleeping 3 inches from the ceiling

For all that and everything you have done for me thank you very much and for all that I love you man

-Papa Oso



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