Something feels off

Tech and the advances we have made are absolutely amazing. Most of us carry around a computer with more power than they used for the moon landings. Those scientists would probably believe that type of computing power being commonplace to so many people would lead to amazing things. The thing is though tech is only a tool it is an amazing tool that is all that it is. Tools can only be as amazing as the people that use them. Everyone in has heard the story that scientists developed the internet to be able to share their research and findings with each other. Now the internet is used mainly for people to act in a way they would never act in person. The internet has the ability to remove other people’s humanity you don’t have to see the other persons face when you are being rude you don’t have to deal with the consequences of your rudeness whatever they are. I am not advocating for “consequences” for speech but if you make someone cry with your words in person that will effect you much differently than if that happens online. Along with not having to deal with the consequences of what we are saying the internet also restricts us to just the words we choose, when communicating face to face there are so many other things that go into getting a point across than just the words we choose. As an example, let’s say someone says “well let’s go then” accepting the challenge of a physical fight if that person is across the room it will come across very different than if they are standing chest to chest with the other person, if said in a stoic manner that could be intimidating but if instead, your face is trembling as you say that it will show that you want anything but for the situation to turn physical. The non- verbal communication of human interaction is wiped away when we are communicating through only text. 7% of communication is conveyed through the words we use 38% is conveyed through “certain vocal elements” and 55% of our communication is completely non-verbal. So when most of our communication is cut down to only 7% of what an organic human interaction would have.

Very rarely are we shown an honest depiction of the excesses of technology. We are a well informed populous the most well formed ever and because of that for those of us willing to do the research into a topic it is literally impossible for us to be duped by a misleading story, because of fact that many main stream media sources have a tendency to lets just say “embellish” stories concerning their younger brother of new media it makes it very difficult to take the stories they do on it. For me, the I beam that broke the camels back was the piece the wall street journal did on PewDiePie. I do not watch PewDiePie and at the time I regarded WSJ as a reliable source. As I watched the video they put out though I noticed they were reaching in their video and even with my only tangential knowledge of pewdiepie I had a feeling that what they showed would be even less dramatic when paired with context from the full videos, which I found to be correct. The only way that this could be considered hate speech would be if you remove any context that they were originally said with. I don’t want to talk too much about this specific example it has been examined enough there are plenty of youtube videos if you have not heard of the story. The two main reasons that this caused me to loose my trust in the main stream media were that it came from a place I had always felt was a reputable source of information and the fact that they were so blatantly reaching for a salacious headline.


According to Gallup, the people who claim to have a “great deal” to “fair amount” of trust for the main stream media has dropped from 53% in 2001 to 32% in 2016. The number of 18-49 year-olds in 2016 was abysmally  low at only 26%. When only one in four people in such a wide age range express at least a “fair amount” of trust in the media we have been consuming for such a long period of time where are people getting their information from. That’s right, new media and new media is far easier to consume than traditional media download the youtube app and on your 30 minutes bus ride to work you can discover not only several news stories that might not be covered by main stream media but also several news reporters that will almost certainly never appear on main stream media. Many times Millennials are criticized for being too attached to our technology and while I wish I could say that it is purely because we are staying informed on important things, however, new media has its own plethora of difficulties mainly that there are so many voices nobody knows where to look.



I took this photo for this post because while very close to symmetrical it’s not quite giving me the feeling that something is off. The near symmetry gives a slight sense of unease which is how I feel when it comes to the future of how people will stay informed going into the future.

Gallup Trust in Media poll

Percentage of communication numbers


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