An interview to remember

walking home and as i cross the threshold of my door the sky opens up
Flung on the couch and the weatherman says its going to last all the way through Sunday night.
Leftovers and a cheesy B Movie put me to sleep
I always have bad days when it rains and my first thought is that it’s happening again
springing awake fueled only by the fear of being fired
I have to open the restaurant in 10 minutes
Where is my phone?
     Rnng Rnng
How did it get there
“Today is either going to be a superb or a deplorable week” the voice made it tough to understand, is scratchy to the point I knew it was on purpose so i figured i would play along and reverse it on them thinking it was just a prank call.
“Wh wh why’s that” i eek out as pitifully as while stumbling over my shoe laces on the way out the door
My hand had just touched the doorknob as it began to vibrate from the wallups that came from the other side.  I open in it and it’s the same voice
“Why did you hang up, If you want me to be kind don’t hang up on me again.
I was completely frozen by the brick wall of a man that was standing on my doorstep. Stammering for real now I ask
     “Wh wh who are you”
He shoves an envelope into chest
Clears his throat as much as he can and tells me
     “My friends call me Frank, on your way to work read what in the envelope if you want to have a good day”
Turns and swaggers away
Flipping through the envelope on my way and it says that I can make $10,000 dollars if I call the number at the bottom and do what he asks but I cannot change my mind if I make the call.
No description of what I would be doing
No description of what happens if I change my mind
That’s what scares me most
That and Frank
During work, we are in the weeds for my entire shift and I still only made $156 dollars
That night I decided to make the call I figure  $10,000 is not enough to ask me to kill someone so I’ll probably be running some drugs or something like that i could handle that.
Before the second ring the phone is answered and it is Frank’s attempt at a welcoming voice  telling me
     “You made the right choice kid, let’s get right into the sooner you start the sooner you’re done. Out side, your apartment building there is a Black Ford Bronco keys are in the center console and directions should be on the navigation see you in  an hour”
Climbing in the Bronco the thought first crosses my mind
     I Should Not Have Made The Call
I push that out of my head though I made a choice and I need to stick to that decision
The Navigation says it’s going to take One-hundred minutes so I put the 351 Windsor to work. Whizzing past other cars on the highway I start to think about My first car which was a Bronco just like this one, I’ve never felt control like that before I understand that there are cars with objectively better performance and fewer mistakes, but for me understanding the mistakes the Bronco had allows me total control.
The city is at my back as pull up to what at first looks like a military compound   I pull up to the gate and the guard has an ar 15 slung over his shoulder which he grasps as he barks at me ” WHAT DO YOU WANT!!”
     I swallow my spit and channeling as much my inner badass as I can muster and calmly inform the man why I am here and show him the letter.
He tells me I have the wrong place, which considering how well timed Franks call and appearance was yesterday I know that the address in the GPS was correct, I circle around for a few minutes and there is only the one gate. I decide to try again
I try being more concise and just say
     “I want the $10,000”
I drive off to think about what to do
Moments before I fully formed my plan I realize its been an hour so I decided to give it one last try and figure it out as I go. As I pull up to the gate though I realize that my plan isn’t going to matter Instead of the booth I can only see Frank leaning on it holding duffel bag that looks like a purse in his hands.
     “I said an hour”
“Well I was early”
     “Don’t be early”
As he cleared his throat as he seemingly always did he hands me a duffle bag which has the $10,000
“You must really trust me”
     “You earned it”
     ” This was a test you passed and earned $10,000, the Bronco, and a new job “

“A job? Do you mean like ongoing I thought this was a one-night thing what even is the job”

     ” You will drive that’s all”
“What will I be driving”
     “Doesn’t matter remember you cannot change your mind”
          Frank climbs in the Bronco type in an address on the navigation close his eyes and says
     “Take your time”
Frank sleeps the entire drive and I pull up to a small house in a quiet neighborhood Frank wakes up starts patting his pockets for his keys and disappears into the door.
After a few minutes of me waiting for Frank to come back out my phone rings
     Its Frank
          “Go Home and get some rest. The interview is over”

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